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My name is Emily, and I have been working with all sorts of animals from a young age. As a pet groomer I work with cats and dogs of all breeds, sizes, genders and temperaments. I have worked closely with wonderful dog trainers that I am lucky to call friends. I have quite a bit of experience with horses; I have have been lucky to find work throughout my life as a stable hand, groom and someone to exercise client's horses. As a pet owner I have welcomed many, many animals into my family. Dogs, cats, horses, hamsters, ferrets, rats, fish, hermit crabs, birds and bearded dragons. My family is made up of myself (Emily), my son (Aiden 7), my fiancee (William), 2 Miniature Schnauzers (Watson 5, Sherlock 4), a Border Collie Mix (Hunter 3), a Corgi Mix (Boots 2), a Chihuahua (Ruby 4) , a Himalayan (Gordon), and a Green Cheek Conure (Amelia). I strive to help animals in all aspects of my life. I foster dogs and cats when I can, as well as volunteering for a dog and cat rescue, and a horse rescue. I research and ask questions, and try to stay on top of the latest health and safety information. As a mother of a young boy and many, many pets, It's important to me to help children and pets co-exist in a safe and happy environment.